Fuji Sengen Shrine in Yoshida

(Above) Shrine’s main building. In the back there is a small pavilion covered in gold leaf and around the hall you can see many small pieces of paper stuck to the walls, known as senjafuda. In the past it was common to leave these slips of paper on shrine and temple buildings with the name of the visitor, a way of proving that that person had been there. Even though today it is forbidden to do so since the glue destroys the wood, one can still see many of these stickers at old temples and shrines.

Yoshida city’s speciality is hotou, a hot pot with thick noodles and many vegetables and meat of the region. Because they serve the dish inside the pot itself, still burning, to be able to eat it you’ll have to first put the noodles into a small bowl and eat from there. They’re worth trying out while in Yoshida!