Tailored trips

Custom made itineraries

I create completely customized trips, where I work one on one with each client to create an individual and personalised itinerary adapted to the needs and preferences of every traveller. Everyone’s tastes are so unique that sometimes generalised recommendations simply aren’t enough!

I want to know about you and your travel partners. Tell me your interests, your desires for this trip, your general ages and energy levels. I want to know whether you’ve been to Japan before, and if so, where you went. I want to know what would make this trip perfect, or what you envision as your ideal day – because of course we can make it happen!

It’s possible to start from scratch; build from an idea, hobby or must-see place; or even take an itinerary you’ve found online and change certain things to make it an unforgettable trip.

Furthermore, when we work knowing the specific dates of travel and preferences of each person, it’s possible to organize factory tours and visits to local workshops, visits to traditional theatres or other temporary shows, maybe attend a festival and a number of other special experiences.



What does this service include?

Clear and complete itinerary of the activities of every day

Detailed instructions on which trains or buses to take, or directions to give the taxi driver

Bus or train schedules if relevant

A short guide on Japanese culture and customs to help you understand the country and its people better!

Recommendations, sometimes also reservations, of restaurants and cafés to sample the local food of the different places that you’ll be visiting

Accommodation reservations

Bookings of tours or private guides if you wish

Maps of the places you’ll be visiting



Want to start dreaming already? Here are some examples of experiences you may find interesting to do in Japan. We can add any of these to your trip plan, alongside whichever other ideas you may have or that come up during the itinerary planning:





In Japan there aren’t only hotels, sleeping can also be an experience in itself!